The Bar Conference Center is located at 1501 Park St. in downtown Columbia, at the corner of Park and Hampton streets.

The bar is pleased to offer a conference center to provide ample meeting space and enhance the continuing legal education experience for members. The building features two floors of conference and meeting space and a third floor that houses the continuing legal education staff. The building, which has received Silver LEED certification, allows the Bar to deliver dynamic, quality educational programming to members while keeping the environment and a concern for cost savings at the forefront.

These?cost saving features include a reduction in the amount of water used. This was achieved through dual-flush toilets that use 43% less water and a drip irrigation system that uses 72% less water than a sprinkler head system. Cost savings are also achieved through the reduced amount of energy needed for the building’s daily operations. This was done by using natural daylight to illuminate over 95% of the regularly occupied spaces and by improving the building’s thermal envelope, installing demand control ventilation and improved efficiency HVAC systems.

The conference center was one of the first newly constructed buildings in Columbia’s Vista Neighborhood to achieve LEED Silver certification.

Key components of the center include:
? 96-seat auditorium with non-fixed seating, state-of-the-art technology for in person, web and telephone educational and conference capabilities
? A catering kitchen, media services control room and registration area
? Three conference rooms capable of accommodating 12 to 30 people, as well as a business retreat area with business center
? Office space for the Bar’s Continuing Legal Education Division staff
? Dedicated on-site parking