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The South Carolina Bar Wellness Committee challenged its members to live a healthy lifestyle by walking, running, biking and swimming the distance from Charleston, South Carolina to Los Angles, California. In total, 34 people participated in “traveling” the 2,595 miles over the course of six weeks.

“The Wellness Committee’s mission includes promoting physical wellbeing among the members of the Bar. We hoped that by offering a challenge where we would all act as a team to accomplish one goal, that the Bar members as a whole would want to participate and would enjoy watching the progress of our team,” said Lindsay Joyner, chair of the Wellness Committee.

The progress of the initiative was tracked through the Strava app that allowed participants to not only come together as a team but allowed for personal growth as it tracked the individual’s performance over time.

“We believe this gave the participants a sense of comradery even though they may have been walking, running, cycling or swimming on their own during the challenge. We also used this challenge as a way to promote our “SC Bar Wellness” group on the Strava App, and that group has been growing even after the challenge. For those who do not know, the Wellness Committee created a closed group on Strava, a free fitness-tracking app, where the members can see what physical activities each other are doing and give them kudos for those activities. It has been a way for lawyers from around the state to get to know more about one another outside of the practice of law and to keep up with one another’s progress. We would love for all members of the Bar to join,” said Joyner.

The Wellness Committee puts on two challenges a year and are always trying to meet the needs of the Bar’s members. To suggest new ideas contact Caitlin Watson at