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The opinions in this database contain the advice of the Committee based on the state of the law at the time of each opinion. Opinions are not updated to reflect changes in the Rules of Professional Conduct, more recent opinions, or other law. Further research may be necessary. Earlier opinions are available through Fastcase.



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  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 19-02

    Lawyer received a favorable ruling from the Resolution of Fee Disputes Board against Former Client. The award of fees was affirmed on appeal and entered as a judgment. Former Client has not paid the judgment and appears to have no South Carolina assets subject to execution. Former Client has left South Carolina but may have property elsewhere.

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 19-01

    On or about January 31, 2018, clients entered into a contingency fee agreement with Law Firm A. At some point in August of 2018, clients terminated their relationship with Law Firm A. Law Firm A had not submitted a demand packet to the defendant's insurance company and no negotiations for settlement had commenced prior to clients' terminating Law Firm A.

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 18-06

    1. May a lawyer or law firm associate with the brokerage company or vendor under the proposed arrangement? 2. Do any of the fees paid to the broker or merchant constitute the prohibited sharing of legal fees with non-lawyers pursuant to Rules 1.7, 1.8, 5.4 or any other Rule?

  • Ethics Advisory Opinion 18-05

    Licensed South Carolina Lawyer wants to accept earnest money deposits from a client through PayPal. Questions: (1) May a lawyer accept an earnest money deposit through PayPal? (2) If a lawyer may accept an earnest money deposit through PayPal, when does the lawyer have to transfer the money from PayPal?