Are my login username and my bar number the same thing?
Yes, if you’ve never used the new login, your login username is your bar number. However, it may require seven digits, so if you have a four digit number like 3131, you may have to add enough zeros in front to make the number seven digits, e.g.: 0003131. Some bar numbers have the leading zeros and some do not.

In some circumstances you may have been given a username that is not your bar number. If you registered for Bridge the Gap you were given the option to select a username. Also, Bar staff will, at times, change your username if you request it.

Do members have multiple logins?
No, there is now only one login for the South Carolina Bar's website. This is the login you use to pay membership dues online, view and update your profile information, and access Fastcase. The username and password were printed on your License Fee Statement. If you need assistance with a password, please contact Membership Services at (803) 799-6653 x171 or

How do I change my password? Or what if I have forgotten my password?
To change your password, return to the homepage, login to the SC Bar site and where you see “Welcome (your name)” click your name to view your profile.?Scroll down and click on "Change Your Password." On the login screen?if you know your username, but do not know your password, click "Forgot Password" or contact Membership Services at (803) 799-6653 x171 or

What if I need to register for Bridge the Gap, register for a CLE or purchase a book, and I don't have a login?
If you are a law student or non-SC Bar Member and need to register for the Bridge the Gap, register for a CLE program or purchase publication, you can create an account. To create a new account click here and follow the instructions carefully. Once you have created your account it is advised that you close all browsers and start fresh at PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT create a new account if you are a current South Carolina Bar member or a past South Carolina Bar member returning to practice.

Still have account or password questions?
Contact Membership Services at or (803) 799-6653 (9am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday).

I just logged in, but when I when I try to continue, I'm told I have to log in.
If you log in and receive a message saying that you have logged in, but are then unable to access any content without being prompted to log in again, your browser or firewall may be blocking the session cookies. To allow access to cookies, add as a trusted site. This is also a known problem with AOL users. We suggest you use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. Finally, users with satellite connections might experience similiar issues. We recommend using DSL or Cable internet connections.

Internet Explorer
1.???? Go to Tools.
2.???? Click on Internet Options
3.???? Click on the Security tab.
4.???? Select "Trusted Sites" (Green Checkmark).
5.???? Click the "Sites" button.
6.???? Uncheck the box at the bottom so that sites you add DO NOT require https.
7.???? Add * as a Trusted Site.
8.???? Click OK to both Open dialogs.
9.???? Close your browser and re-open it.

1.???? Go to Tools.
2.???? Click on Options.
3.???? Select the Privacy tab.
4.???? Go to Cookies.
5.???? Click the "Exceptions" button.
6.???? Add *
7.???? Click Allow/Enable.
8.???? Click OK to open dialog.
9.???? Close your browser and re-open it.
If this doesn't work, you might have an anti-virus program running that is overriding your browser settings. Try lowering the security to allow cookies inside the anti-virus program.

Why do I need to login?
Users must log in to complete financial transactions, to access Fastcase, to view and edit their profile information, and to apply any relevant discounts.

I don't have access to my old e-mail but the password reminder goes to that e-mail address. What should I do?
All contact information, including primary email and alternate email addresses, is maintained in the South Carolina Supreme Court's Attorney Information System (AIS). The SC Bar also uses the contact information that you provide in AIS. You must update your contact information, including your email addresses, by accessing the Attorney Information System (AIS) at If the primary email address in AIS is no longer valid and you have forgotten your AIS password, you must call AIS technical support at 855-235-2500 (8:30 am - 5:00 pm) to obtain a temporary password.

Do I need to log in just to visit the site?
No. The majority of the South Carolina Bar's website is accessible without logging in. However, logging in allows you access to Fastcase and to securely pay membership dues, review transaction history and change information contained in your member profile.

What if I prefer to use an email address that is different from the one in my SC Bar profile?
This information is maintained through the court's Attorney Information System (AIS). You will need to login to the AIS system at and make the change there. **Note: this will change your email address for all future communication from SC Bar, as well as the Bar's directory listing.