The High School Mock Trial (HSMT) Program is a hands-on exercise in learning about due process. It is most often conducted as an extracurricular activity but can also be incorporated into law, forensics or public speaking classes. Public schools, private schools, and home school groups are welcome and encouraged to participate.

The goal of Mock Trial is to educate students about the basis of our American judicial system and the mechanics of litigation. Through participation in the Mock Trial program, students will increase basic skills such as listening, speaking, writing, reading, critical thinking and problem analysis.

Each participating school enters a team sponsored by a teacher volunteer that is composed of between seven and 18 students. Teams try each year's fictitious case against other teams at regional competitions in February. The top 12 teams compete at the state championship in March. The South Carolina Bar High School Mock Trial champion represents South Carolina at the National High School Mock Trial Championship Inc. in May. That competition rotates to a different state each year. The South Carolina Bar provides funding to support the winning team's trip to the national competition. All participants are encouraged to keep in mind that the goal of the mock trial program is not to win for the sake of winning, but to learn and understand the meaning of good citizenship in a democracy through participation in our system of law and justice.

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