Street Law
Street Law is a course in practical law. It began as a project at Georgetown Law Center in 1972. Four law students and their professor were looking for a way to provide young people with information about the law that would assist them in their daily lives, offering a preventive law approach that would also provide students with knowledge of what to do when confronted with a legal problem. The name "Street Law" represents the content of the course - practical law important in a person's everyday life, on the street. Information is presented through student-centered activities that enable teens to develop the skills they need to use Street Law's information and to be effective citizens. Most often, Street Law is taught as a one-semester social studies elective. In some schools a full-year elective exists. Some schools use Street Law: A Course In Practical Law as a part of, or in place of, a government course. The text may also be used by teachers of practical business law courses.




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